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The FIRST & ONLY car sharing network
that works anywhere in the world and it is FREE!.
Please be part to help minimize CO
2 in our air.


First of all thanks for all such services out there who try to minimize the number of vehicles on the road. However they all are tied to a geographically localized area that makes it very limiting and a challenging task for people who are looking for sharing a trip. This is why we think there should be a more advanced service that will serve the community independent of their location any where in the world.

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Why ePooling is different?
  1. ePooling will work globally. It is not specific to a city or country.Unlike similar technology services, ePooling.com do NOT use place/direction/distance based search for matching your rides but it uses the each points on your rout to get the highest efficiency to find the most matching rides.
  2. ePooling connects even strangers securely and safely ( not available in Beta) by conducting an optional identity check at different levels, including criminal back ground. So both the driver and the rider can feel safe and be comfortable even the first time they travel together.
  3. ePooling has a strong user feed back system (not in beta) that will help select best drivers and riders.
  4. ePooling service can be used even for shipping your goods via private or freelance truck providers as long both party use ePooling service.
  5. ePooling provides multiple options to choose to make your travel the best possible experience.